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NIGHT OF TERROR will be limiting attendance to 50% capacity on all nights.

Pre-purchasing tickets is strongly recommended. Pre-purchased tickets will be for a pre-determined time slot and guests will only be admitted to the queue lines during that time slot.

All employees and guests are required to properly wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth. The face covering must be worn the entire time while on the property. Full face coverings will not be allowed. Night Of Terror reserves the right to not allow anyone who refuses to wear a mask on private property. NIGHT OF TERROR is firm on this issue.

All employees will have to submit to an infrared temperature scan prior to entering the haunted attraction area. Any person registering a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be admitted for any reason.

There will be no contact between ticket taker employees and guests. All guests will receive a wristband to their corresponding time slot. All wristbands will be self applied.

Social distancing will be required between groups not necessarily between every person. If you came as a group you will not be paired with others.

There will be numerous hand sanitation stations throughout the guest areas.

The hayride wagons will be sprayed with a sanitation solution after all guests disembark. The wagons will run in a rotation of threes so that the solution has time to dry and you don’t board a wet wagon.

The walls on the interior haunted attractions will be fully coated in the sanitation solution, just as they are treated with flame retardant. The solution will be reapplied approximately every hour, so the walls may feel wet. The solution is safe and about 70% peroxide/alcohol mix. It will not damage your clothing, but please don’t try to lick the walls!

As with any public event, the risk of exposure is always present. NIGHT OF TERROR is doing everything safely and responsibly to provide the high quality haunted attraction that our customers are used to. If you feel sick or worried about getting sick then please stay home! We should be the only ones TERRIFYING you.

We at Night Of Terror understand that these are not ideal conditions, but we have all been living with the restrictions for at least seven months. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but in a safe environment. Your only fears should be what you paid for. 

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