Haunted Maze at Night of Terror

The Halloween moon pierces through the clouds in slivers to reveal a dimly lit and misty farmland. Off in the distance a light, either from a farmhouse or maybe an out building of a farm, which you must work your way to in hope of seeking some help for your failing car.

The most direct way it seems are the trails that have been cut into the corn field. The trails through the corn field make absolutely no sense and seem to wonder aimlessly branching off in different directions. As you continue to make your way an uneasy feeling starts to overwhelm your senses and the sensation that someone is stalking you. You stop to get your bearings hoping that the light you noticed before you started your journey is around the next turn. As you start down another winding trail you notice the corn starts to move erratically as a terrifying chill runs the length of your spine faint whisper of a woman is heard coming from the rows of corn. Your heart races as you become disoriented forgetting what turn was last made; your pace quickens as does your pulse then you turn and to the horror you see…………

Tucked away in the farmlands of New Jersey there exists such a place so evil and terrifying that it will test the courage of the bravest souls. The evil is evident as you enter the largest cornfield maze in the Philadelphia area where you are greeted by a lost spirit who acts as the gate-keeper; avoid her!! Stay brave, as you will need to summons every ounce of courage and wit needed to navigate your way through the many twist, turns, and dead ends to the exit of the maze.

The Night of Terror Cornfield maze is just one of the six terrifying haunted attractions you will find at the largest and scariest haunted attraction in NJ.